LOLABOX is the magic box where Italy find more beautiful and elegant. Here artisans who work by applying the knowledge of tradition in order to invent a new product, cutting edge and unique. Everything is done by hand. Handmade is better.

Everything is exclusive hand because you can not make an unlimited production and above all you can not do a piece like another.

LOLABOX is a box where you can find a world, or rather the world of the best Italy. Not just clothes. Not only accessories. Of course a lot and the best of both. But beauty is not just clothing. Beauty is everything. So all you can find inside LOLABOX.

LOLABOX is the proposal of a sophisticated and exclusive Italian lifestyle even when dressing punk or listen deephouse. But only and exclusively Italian made by skilled Italian artisans. And 'the Italian style of LOLABOX who seeks, finds, values, choose, promotes in his world only the best and the most beautiful. Welcome then to the magical world of the real beauty of Italian Style new and original